Non-Profit Non-Governmental Organization

Build brands, transform businesses and move society.

Through our Muasons for Non-Profit (M4NPNGO) initiative, we demonstrate our commitment to helping our global and local communities thrive.

Our mission is to build brands, transform businesses and move society.

We can make the greatest impact by supporting the inspiring charitable organizations that are already changing the world for the better. Since 2014, we’ve donated over 15,000 hours of consulting and community service support.

Non-Profit & NGO

Our Support

Muasons for Non-Profit Day

On Muasons for Non-Profit day, Muasons team put their regular work responsibilities on pause, and shift their focus and energies toward volunteering or helping local charities solve a brand, business or marketing challenge. To date we’ve helped over 140 nonprofits around the globe grow better; as a result, the charities we serve are better equipped to deliver on their missions to make the world a safer, healthier, or happier place.

Pro-Bono & Low-Bono Consulting

Throughout the year Muasons's world-class consultants volunteer their time and work with non-profits on long-term projects; such as developing new brand and visual identities, clarifying mission or vision, developing donor strategies and more.

Community Service

Each of our offices are engaged in their local communities and have their own unique ways of giving back. Whether spending an evening preparing food for local food kitchens, enthusiastically supporting park clean ups, donation drives and fundraisers, or driving awareness through participating or attending events - our people are always finding fun and interesting ways to support their local communities


Our firm selects a charitable cause and raises funds to support through a bi-annual auction. Muasons team bid on goods, services and experiences donated by their colleagues - which allows us to learn a lot about our colleague's unique interests, passions and talents. The money raised has had tangible impact around the world - we've built a kindergarten in Vietnam, built sanitation facilities in Uganda schools and provided girls with bicycles that allow them to continue their education.

Our Muasons for Non-Profit initiative is one way we live out our mission to build brands, transform businesses and move society.​

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